25 May 2010


In a perfect(ly projected) world, Susan Stockwell would be more popular than Susan Boyle - unfortunately though, the world sucks. Regardless of this sad fact, you still need to know about her truely epic oeuvre of arty maps.

(PS  If you enjoy these arty maps, why not have a look at some other artists featured on my posting The art of maps )


In a shameful attempt to bolster Choice Map Tuesday's ratings, I present to you...The Mapkini!

18 May 2010


At first glance, this cartoonish satirical drawing of central London is probably only mildly intriguing... only mildy intriguing that is, until you realise that it is but a tiny detail taken from a much, much larger map..
The map is one of four that The British Library is currently exhibiting on their Magnificent Maps webpage.  Here, you are able to zoom around the maps and truely appreciate their geographic grandeur. 

11 May 2010


[part of the Senses of maps series]

These cool arty sound sculpture's weren't intentionally created as maps per se, but I reckon they do a good job at visualising the physical phenomenon of acoustics, such as; direction, pitch and volume - so in my book, they're maps.

If you're keen to actually hear some audible maps try out some of these Soundscape links.  I really like these maps - you find yourself transported to a different place, immersed in a different life.

Its not all airy fairy musings though this sound mapping buzz, these maps have definitly got real world benefits. The company Planete Acoustique, for example, provide a comprehensive range of sound mapping services (until today, more than I had ever really considered existed)

04 May 2010


[part of the Senses of maps series]

Eat London was a sumptuous event where the lines of the cartographer and the limes of the gastronomer blurred.  Participants created a delectable map of London made entirely out of a edible items!

If education gets you salivating, heres an example of a lesson plan for Edible maps - such a fun way for kids (and adults) to learn about the world around them.
Of course, with such an onus on indulging in tasty maps it would be remiss of me not to present a balanced perspective. So, watch this little video that shows a map of the relationships between social networks and obesity (its starts off kinda unexciting but i think its cool.. and short!) 

And, I might as well give a timely plug for Edible Geography.com (its on my blog list)