28 June 2011


What are the main problems with displaying all the stuff that happens in our 3D world in a flat 2D environment? Firstly, you get all sorts of geodesic projection issues, and secondly, it doesn't make you want to dance. But what if you could make a spherical screen and hang it in a large enough space where people can get funky? Well, in a world-first, Mitsubishi have created a massive 6 metre OLED (Organic Light emitting Diode) spherical screen (or a round TV to the layman)! In this photo it looks like the half-completed death-star, but fully operating its a beguiling new take on the cardboard globes that lay dormant on our desks. Check out the website or watch the YouTube video

21 June 2011


If you've ever read a travel review of a city, especially a travel review of a vibrant musical city like New Orleans, Memphis or Paris you'll know that they can get quite poetical - describing the rhythm of the city and the beat of the streets. Anyway, I'd always assumed that they were just being figurative, but then I find this video of the Netherlandic city of Eindhoven and it turns out to be awesomely literal! (even if it is a little stark and unmelodious - but perhaps that suits Eindhoven?!)

14 June 2011


When you're weary, feeling small, when tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all...
Like a troubled bridge over google waters, I will lay me down.
This collection of images simply presents examples of what happens when you 'drape' high resolution aerial photography over low resolution terrain, but for some reason the results are quite humourous.

07 June 2011


Surprisingly enough I'm not actually an avid follower of real-time media updates, but this could all change if the information could be communicated to me in map form. Like this vimeo example of a map of Hungary that dynamically distorts whenever the name of a Hungarian city or village is mentioned on a certain website - the result is a bubbling geography of data.