27 December 2011


Lets face it, technology is going to fail you at some point, and when it does you don't want to be lost in the middle of nowhere; swinging open the saloon doors of some Luddite bumpkin banjo party and having to ask for directions. What you really need to do is keep an emergency analogue map at the ready, just-in-case. I know what you're thinking; who has the space to lug a spare atlas around with them? Well, potentially everybody if it's one of these nifty mini-maps

20 December 2011


Do you want a map that captures community-spirit, solidifies local-history and stirs up more vomit-inducing 'heart' then a Christmas movie?!
Yes, you do?!
Well, first you'll be needing an awesome mapping cart that is so intriguing in design that when you wheel it around the streets, people can't help but feel compelled to participate in a community mapping project.

13 December 2011


There are a few different ways to project our wobbly ol globe onto a flat surface in order to map it, but which method is best?  how do you choose? Why is it all so boring and overwhelmingly technical? Well, it may just depend on who you are! click here to see what I'm talking about... Willis

PS I'm not sure what it says about me, but... my favourite projection method isn't in the list and its quite elaborate - I like the Myriahedral Projection (from an earlier Choice Map posting)

06 December 2011


Yo, David Byrne you freaky dude from the awesome band Talking Heads, I need a crazy idea for filling up a massive space in a new art-gallery extension - what'cha got? It should make people think about the pressures that our planet is under, and since it's scheduled to open on September 11, maybe you could also do something with the play on words "blow up the world"? Oh yeah, one more thing... its has to be a map! "No worries" you say?! Awesome, I'll check it out, cheers Dave