11 December 2012


The international football association (FIFA) does more than just host World Cups - they invest serious amounts of cash into development programs and facilities around the world. But with great wealth comes the need for great mapping. Check out these maps that show what FIFA has been up to [scroll down the page to watch the vimeo video clips].

04 December 2012


This is the coolest little interactive mapping display idea I have seen in a while... It combines projection mapping, hydro-dynamic modelling, contours and a Kinect! This is such a great way to play around with complex flooding scenarios or the impact of landscaping alterations. However, this version which uses real sand (instead of thematic terrain) might just be more fun!

27 November 2012


I'm not sure what music you listen to on the radio, but I bet it probably isn't sweet sweet map music! Unless, of course... you're listening to Yuri Suzuki's fully functional circuit map-radio of the London Underground

20 November 2012


According to the song; it's good for absolutely nothing... uhh! - so why then, do we keep having wars with each other? Stupid humans!
Unfortunately, you'll probably think even less of us once you see all of history's conflicts in one place.

13 November 2012


This interactive map created by the awesome folk at Stamen Designs reveals how the people living in several of southern California's cities perform against each other in terms of energy efficiency. The map uses great cartography to show metrics such as: electricity useage, driving distance and waste generation.

06 November 2012


Ever wonder why America is called America - even though it was discovered by Christopher Columbus? Well, that's because it was actually named after Amerigo Vespucci - the man who made the first map of the continent! And what made Amerigo so special?... perhaps I'll let this 20 sec Family guy video clip explain.

30 October 2012


If you like topography and magnets you are not only awesome (because so do I!)... but you are also going to really enjoy these slick little memento's of American states. You can buy just one, but the packaging is so great you may just want to collect the entire set!
click here to read more

23 October 2012


I think its great that artist Alyssa Toninato's cast-iron map of america won the top spot in Martha Stewart's "American made" Awards - it showed that in our ever-changing world, we still value permanent / 'cast iron' conduits. Possibly though, it shows just how influential the pancake lobby group out there is!.. I hear Obama is a pancake man - just saying

16 October 2012


Normally I try to post about maps that are clever or have ironic things going on...  this post however, is just about a whisky glass with a hand-etched map on it. That's just fine for me though, since I love whisky and can definitely imagine myself sipping from one of these bad boys. click here to view (or even purchase), some of the other American cities currently on offer.

09 October 2012


Remember that scene in Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom when Indy outruns that giant rolling stone?.. well, keep that in mind as you watch this fun little video of a marble rolling around the streets of 'google maps'.

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