27 July 2010


If you've ever scribbled a map for somebody - perhaps the directions to a keg party, the location of an amazing cafe, or the sexiest way home (?), you'll appreciate The Hand-Drawn Map Association.

As budget and probably embarrassingly poor as they may well be; these humble maps are quietly celebrated as necessary parts of a vibrant life...
life, oh life, ooooh life
doo, doo doo doo
doo, doo doo doo

20 July 2010


The USA Department of Homeland Security sure do know how to make maps that resemble a scene from Donnie Darko!  ....no, not really (I wish) but in this 4min video clip you get a sweet glimpse of the future of real-time mapping and information dissemination techniques.
How can you not click here to watch?!

13 July 2010


Do you ever wonder what a map of all of those tiny little computer-mouse movements of yours would look like over time? Do you ever wonder why exactly you've developed Repetitive Over-use Syndrome in your wrist? No?  Well, don't not wonder no more!... At IOgraphica.com you can download some sweet software to see a map of every little compiled movement!

06 July 2010


In yet another of my random fossikings on the Internet, i stumbled across these sculptures of wind direction, and intensity and I was greatly satisfied for some inexplicable reason.  I think I know now the answer to that glee - you see, one of my secret pleasures in life is investigating fractals (recurring patterns in nature) and I was reminded of the similarity between these patterns of wind movement (albeit human generated) and other patterns found in nature. Which patterns? - You decide in this little game I call fractal royale!  (mouse-over the image for the answers displayed in the bottom bar of the screen)

This little guessing game may seem inconsequential at first, but the human ability of drawing similarities between (usually) relatively random things can lead us to use one tool for another task - and potentially advance human development.  Does the medical profession know about the advances in the mapping world and vice versa?  If this fractal world offers scalable answers perhaps one day I'll know if its possible for the grooves of a fingerprint to be played like the grooves of a record!