31 August 2010


What do you do if you're the environmental agency of a region and you want to raise awareness about biodiversity?  Well, if you're the European Environmental Agency you grow a massive map on the side of your building, if however you're the environmental agency of any other region you just wallow in your own bad case of FOMO (fear of missing out) 

24 August 2010


Do you ever think its odd that as you go away on holiday you're often passing by tourists in the airport or on the highway who are coming in to holiday?!  Perhaps if you look at the world through their eyes (or equally, through locals' eyes if you're the tourist) it might alter your outlook on life.  But how to do this? where to go? Well, how about investigating these cities' maps of tourists vs locals Flickr photos (the blue bits are locals' photos and the red bits are tourists' photos)

17 August 2010


Ok smartguy, how many nuclear explosions have there been in the world, and where have they been? Would it surprise you to learn that there have been over 2,000 of them scattered all around the world?!
This video artwork by Isao Hashimoto presents every nuclear explosion  as a light explosion on a map (accompanied by a cool 80s retro noise).  The first two minutes are pretty boring I admit, but its kind of mesmorising once they really get going (sadly).

03 August 2010


If you're looking for a mapping related distraction, consider a game of aerial alphabet eye spy.  Apparently there is a whole forum of peeps out there playing if you wanna join in. But I prefer this addictive little geography game myself!