28 September 2010


Whilst artist Liz Hickok may indeed have once said of her own colourful cartographic work;

"It perhaps comes down to us locating ourselves in an inconceivably vast universe on one hand, and in our own complicated lives as well"

...all I can really say is;

"Wahoo, jelly maps!!"

21 September 2010


It seems ChoiceMapTueday has become so popular that it has sparked a whole new mapping off-shoot; an off-shoot all about choice subway maps!  Maybe just in my dreams - the subway maps are actually just one entry in the cool blog Crookedbrains (definitly check out some of their other entries) but its a nice little collection of mapping coolnesses, so I say; well played sir, well played!

14 September 2010


Imagine you're a chilled out alien, sitting on a rock somewhere in the galaxy, lazily watching planet earth.  As the planet revolves, you ponder the swarm-like simplicity of those tiny little 'Aeroplane' bugs. What are they polinating when they fly from place to place?  Do they know they have a hive-like mind or do they think that they are individuals? ahh, how relaxing to be obliviously human.

07 September 2010


I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this but; your music collection has become squalid and uninteresting! I realise it can be tough sifting through the murky mire of a million musical mishaps, but like any sensible person, if you're lost you should look at a map!  Specifically, you should look at Gnod's interactive music map. Go on, give it a try - its really very good.  The closer a name is  to your search the more likely you'll like it. Once you're done there you can do something about your literature and movies collections too!