30 November 2010


Vistas flow around me, smells permeate my nostrils, yet the geographic image I checked out before-hand on google maps is etched into my mind like no other sense.  A virtual homing beacon bleeps enormous in my brain. I can't shake the haunting feeling that I'm still in the map... I begin to ask myself if my senses are real? Is the map real?...

23 November 2010


Prepare to marvel my friend as mapping voyages into a freaky inter-dimensional holographic realm.  This voyage utilises an idea that you've probably already seen exhibited in science museums.  But far from the ghostly retro images you're probably used to, these lenticular maps are slick and useful.  Check out these fine examples from New York and Seattle

16 November 2010


Where did you come from?
Where do you go?
Where did you come from...envelope yo?!

In case you need more of an introduction / explanation than that; a couple of peppy young designers have come up with an interesting idea to personalise our postal service deliveries;  When you send a letter to someone, the route the mail will take is pre-mapped onto the envelope. Seeing a physical route/footprint presented like this, one cannot help but feel a 'real world' connection with the other person.  Logistically though there are few things that would need to be considered so, click here to ponder such an undertaking.

09 November 2010


Look into my eyes.  You are feeling very slee-p-y.  We're going to go back in time now.  Back to a happy childhood.   Your parents are there, and they're proud of you.  As you obliviously play with your Lego they ask: 'what do you want to do when you grow up?' you reply:  'I want to make maps!'. 
Ok, when you wake up you're going to feel very relaxed and energised about your mapping passion. You are going to remember your childhood dreams....and as we drift back to the present...1...2...you start to awaken and...3...you're awake!   Your life has changed and you are now obsessed with Lego maps and projecting those into 3D Lego globes 

02 November 2010


In a time when men were men and mapmakers were men too, the humble map-pin unselfishly went about its business of symbolising history's epic moments. Newly explored lands, for example, were celebrated by most not by reverence of the vista itself but by the minute trophies gleaming forthright on a virgin spread of map paper. 
In this discourse on map pins and pinnage we avert our lascivious gaze from the metaphorical pin-up girl and focus instead our refined eyes toward the edge of the poster and we notice there; the most pragmatic of mapping saints... the pin