28 December 2010


I laughed heartily at my clever title for this week's blog entry... and now I've written about myself laughing at my own humour (Yes, times are tough at Choice Map Tuesday, but what'cha gonna to do? - It's Christmas, get a life people!)
Click on the link to see a larger version of this Africa map if you've got nothing better to do, or if you're still not satisfied - this history of Africa in map form is really informative.

21 December 2010


Forget trying to impress people with your flash 64bit computer - where its at is 8bit baby!  I'm telling ya, if you want to be the envy of all your cool friends; you'll rush out and represent your so-called
'cartographically precise' modern spatial data sets with the lo-fi styles of 1980s role-playing and adventure games.
Do it - be popular!

14 December 2010


On any other day, if I'd spotted you folding a map all messy you'd have to face the very real and very unfortunate possibility of being taken out hitman styles. No warnings. No jury.  Blam! Straight to execution! 
Today is your lucky day though.  Today I'm going to assume that what you've just screwed up in your clumsy hands is a legitimate crumple map.
Im not happy about it but I'll let you live... for now

07 December 2010


Imagine, if you will, your average mapping canvas - most of the time its probably an A1 sized piece of paper.  Sometimes though average doesn't cut it, sometimes you need a dynamic canvas the size of a building - sometimes you need yourself projection mapping.  Unlike the rickety old projectors your parents used to show their lame holiday slides on, modern projectors can display slick computer animations (and of course maps) at such larger-than-life scales that when seen live is simply astounding.  I know if I was a town planner I'd want people to see my ideas this way.  Heck, if i was a town planner I'd want to see any ideas this way.