28 February 2012


Look away from this geographical phenomenon if you can, but the chances are you're not even reading this. It's a shame, because I was going to tell you exactly where in the world this is located.  Yes, captured here is the recorded process of zooming in upon an actual location in google earth - some say this particular location is the gateway to Hell, others ponder the fractal nature of our universe - as a map maker though it presents an intriguing situation where every map of the area is always at the perfect scale.

21 February 2012


There are some folk who think that Man never landed on the moon in 1969. The conspiracy theorists look at the footage of the fluttering flag, or they look at the shadows on the rocks and they say; 'no way!'. Strangely enough though, there has never been any address by those theorists of these awesome maps of the far side of the moon - perhaps because they offer incontrovertible proof of a moon landing?! Put simply, there is no way to fake this lava-lamp palette of browns and oranges (ie you would need to be a child of the age) and have it be spatially accurate (ie posses modern satellite technology). Get your printers ready people, you'll be wanting prints of the pdfs for your wall.

14 February 2012


Reminiscent of a Jackson Pollock painting, this world-map seems to present a fluid, colourful, boundary-less, almost; happy world. Pollock in his efforts wanted an end to the viewer's search for representational elements in his paintings, and wrote that "what was to go on the canvas was not a picture but an event. The gesture on the canvas was a gesture of liberation from value — political, aesthetic, moral." Hmmm, that's pretty deep for some messy paint splatters, but if you like this, you can purchase your own image on canvas  and ponder its greater meaning.

07 February 2012


Who doesn't love fireworks night?! The Roman Candles and the screaming Sky-Rockets in flight (afternoon delight) are pretty cool, but secretly; the 'lame' sparkler is really our favourite - you can spell out your name or draw a picture or even... create a map. This particular instance is just a piece of corporate art that you can buy from a soulless Internet retailer, however, don't let that ruin the idea of a sparkler map - it represents the fluid, transient nature of the stuff on a map. Other maps in comparison, just seem so static and dated.