31 July 2012


Some maps are good.
Some maps are useful.
Some maps are staples.
The city mapped out by artist Peter Wood is possibly only the latter, but it is a map none-the-less. You may also like to check out a couple of his other map-related projects: Plot and honey and almond

24 July 2012


These wacky shapes may only seem like wacky shapes but believe it or not, they are actually the zoomed in selections of the Fresh Prince of Bell Air's shirts... or abstractions of world city maps by the artist Lu Xinjian. Whatever.

17 July 2012


Run! Run you fools! Lest ye be destroyed by the monstrosity of Maposaurus! Unless,.. unless there is hero that can save us? Watch here the battle of evil vs good Maposaurus vs Garmin man

10 July 2012


During a two day workshop at Nike headquarters, sporty participants were invited to map their runs... and based on the speed, consistency and unique style of each person, these routes were then turned into abstract but engaging visuals.  Check it out here at Yes Yes No

03 July 2012


The noises synonomous with subway transport are usually a collection of cacaphonic screeching and rumbling. However, the recomposed avant-garde soundscape of New York artist Alexander Chen provides a welcome reimagining. His soundscape is produced by 'plucking' different lines on his map. The notes are determined by the length of the line. It almost soothes ones imagining of the whole transport system. click here to look and listen