28 August 2012


Lego maps, we've seen them before - yes they're old news, but they're also still cool. This one is a map of Japan, created by 5,000 Japenese kids who usually only ever play digital games - so, kudos for this Lego Map effort right?!

21 August 2012


Defining the extent of a suburb is a tricky endeavour indeed - how does one draw a line in the sand; limiting the extent of a community?! Traditionally we think in terms of real-estate, but isn't it the behaviours' of the people within a particular area that really define it? Well, thats what Livehoods reckons anyway... they have applied a clustering algorithm to the 18 million 'check-ins' collected from the location-based social network foursquare

14 August 2012


Live! Live my precious! Yes, you are small now.. but soon you will grow large enough to sustain rich life. A new world, a utopia will be created. In eons to come, generations will look back at this humble beginning and marvel at your vision.
You are a living map

07 August 2012


ipods and mp3 players are probably the dominant form of music playback today, but there is still most definitely a place for vinyl records. The tangible, almost visceral experience, produces a warm white-noise sound. Thats about all I can really say about this project that has substituted 'music' for the topography of Earth. When I listen to it; I imagine myself flying through space and encountering Earth as its spins.
what do you hear?