30 October 2012


If you like topography and magnets you are not only awesome (because so do I!)... but you are also going to really enjoy these slick little memento's of American states. You can buy just one, but the packaging is so great you may just want to collect the entire set!
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23 October 2012


I think its great that artist Alyssa Toninato's cast-iron map of america won the top spot in Martha Stewart's "American made" Awards - it showed that in our ever-changing world, we still value permanent / 'cast iron' conduits. Possibly though, it shows just how influential the pancake lobby group out there is!.. I hear Obama is a pancake man - just saying

16 October 2012


Normally I try to post about maps that are clever or have ironic things going on...  this post however, is just about a whisky glass with a hand-etched map on it. That's just fine for me though, since I love whisky and can definitely imagine myself sipping from one of these bad boys. click here to view (or even purchase), some of the other American cities currently on offer.

09 October 2012


Remember that scene in Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom when Indy outruns that giant rolling stone?.. well, keep that in mind as you watch this fun little video of a marble rolling around the streets of 'google maps'.

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02 October 2012


This image taken from Google Earth is part of a collection compiled by Paul Bourke that attempts to reveal the fractals of Earth. A 'fractal' if you don't already know; is a recurring pattern ie theoretically you can keep zooming in to an area, and it will be similar to the zoomed out area - which is great in mapping terms as we really only need to map the Earth at the highest level.. and just make up the rest!