04 May 2010


[part of the Senses of maps series]

Eat London was a sumptuous event where the lines of the cartographer and the limes of the gastronomer blurred.  Participants created a delectable map of London made entirely out of a edible items!

If education gets you salivating, heres an example of a lesson plan for Edible maps - such a fun way for kids (and adults) to learn about the world around them.
Of course, with such an onus on indulging in tasty maps it would be remiss of me not to present a balanced perspective. So, watch this little video that shows a map of the relationships between social networks and obesity (its starts off kinda unexciting but i think its cool.. and short!) 

And, I might as well give a timely plug for Edible Geography.com (its on my blog list)

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