17 May 2011


As a New Zealander who has just been on holiday to Europe for four weeks (have I mentioned that too much lately? oh well) I'm sick and tired of being referred to as another Antipodean - lumping me in by inference with those awful Australians and scallywag South Africans. So I say to them [in my finest Clint Eastwood voice] "who you callin' an antipodean buddy?" We get into a bar fight and thus ends a standard night abroad.  On the other hand, if the fine folk near the town of Ronda in Andalusia, Spain call me an Antipodean well then I shake their hand and say "how do you do?".  Why the different treatment? Well, 'Antipodean' by definition means a person from the opposite side of the world (or more amusingly in Greek; the opposite foot) and the Andalusians are on exactly the other side of the world from me - I know this because I've used this mapping applet ...and I'll fight anyone who disagrees!

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