20 September 2011


You'd think that with the entirety of Space at our disposal we wouldn't ever need to worry about polluting our pitiful pocket of the universe. However, with an insatiable appetite for global telecommunications and (sigh) Global Positioning Systems (GPS), we are now piling up so much techno-trash in our orbit that we now ironically require a comprehensive mapping project to save us from our own mapping! ''Mappetite for destruction'' is what I'm calling it, and Space Fence is what the US Air Force is calling their network of ground-based S-band radars that will detect, track and catalog thousands of objects in low-Earth orbit. And if you think its not such a problem at the moment; take a quick look at this Google Earth YouTube visualisation of all the satellites up there right now!

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  1. I will never lose faith in my GPS again. The future of mankind however...