22 February 2011


oooh, its an eerie all-knowing American-Indian staring back at you through the medium of a map. What does it mean?! Its definitely something deep and meaningful... maybe the spirit guide is reminding the white man that the land of the map once had a different 'face'. Hmmm, perhaps you could ponder this (and the other excellent collages created by Matthew Cusick) and let me know what you think?!

15 February 2011


I don't usually consider myself a fan of dictatorships or worldwide domination plans per se, but when you see such ambitious maps as this one (printed in a 1942 edition of Life magazine), you start to wonder how any group that is so optimistic can be bad for society?!  "Let 'em come" I say!  Fortunately for the free world, my reaction is the reverse of what this series of maps ended up achieving i.e. whipping up national hysteria into a fervent anti-Nazi war-effort.

08 February 2011


One sultry summer night (possibly after a few too many alcoholic beverages) Aerial Photography and Street View Images got 'jiggy with it' and created a wondrous but fairly ugly love-child. That creation would neither be black or white, and would never find true acceptance amongst his map friends. Eventually poor little Diorama Map would only find solace amongst the other outcasts of his kind

01 February 2011


I ride my bike a lot, so its with a smug look on my face that i judge you for driving a car. How can I afford to be so smarmy? Well, according to the styley 5min video you're about to watch; the higher the level of vehicle traffic is in a neighbourhood - the poorer relationships within the community will be. Perhaps you're not so concerned about being a bad person, but you should still watch this video - even if its just to stimulate your own desire for some sweet maps that have a (ironically) homey graphic design aesthetic.  Watch the video (but shame on you!)