22 February 2011


oooh, its an eerie all-knowing American-Indian staring back at you through the medium of a map. What does it mean?! Its definitely something deep and meaningful... maybe the spirit guide is reminding the white man that the land of the map once had a different 'face'. Hmmm, perhaps you could ponder this (and the other excellent collages created by Matthew Cusick) and let me know what you think?!

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  1. Thanks Phil Again an amazing link and reflection. I found the collages quite challenging and strangely beautiful.

    I think you are right in your assessment of this one that it does invite us to consider the land and who it belongs to and change. A couple of Cusick’s collages evoke the idea of roads and maps as empire speaking of invasion and dominance. The Muscle car made of maps is evocative when put in in juxtaposition with that of Geronimo.

    I found the faces made of street maps a good way of remembering that cityscapes are in actual fact people spaces it makes person what can be an impersonal way of expressing a city.

    the landscape made up of maps reminded me of driving through New Zealand country side and thinking green rolling farmland was beautiful and then reflecting on just how much this island home of ours has been modified and changed in such a short time (less than 200 years.

    The waves made of maps evoked the devastation of the Boxing Day tsunami and the fragility of our human condition and structures. Very relevant on the day that Christchurch is hit by such a devastating landscape.

    Thank you for sharing your love of maps with us Phil.