01 March 2011


The more observant amongst you will be able to notice that the image directly to your left is not a map! (Shock horror!) It is of course an ordinary typewriter. An 'ordinary' typewriter, that has been disassembled, with every miniscule component painstakingly laid out piece by piece. Where am I going with this you ask? and why is it taking so long to get there?! Well, I'm not going to answer your slightly tetchy questions directly - all I'll say is that this image is here to help you understand the maps of Armelle Caron or the work of Jenny Odell


  1. Damn, this one is gettin pretty close to conceptual / visual / concrete poetry bro.

  2. Cheers Jared, I see what you mean - Im diggin on Jarrod Fowler's 'Tympan'. Your blog spratts medium is epic by the way!