15 March 2011


After returning from a week-long deployment in earthquake-ravaged Christchurch, I found that I struggled to sum up my experience in words. In a subconscious desire to remedy this I took to the internet and I subsequently stumbled across this burnt map of San Francisco. The 'burnt bits' of the map seemed to say something that I couldn't convey - something a pristine map with a simple earthquake-damage symbol couldn't. Luckily (as I hadn't had time to research anything else for this week's post) it turns out that the artist who made this work is absolutely prolific in making map art. So please share with me in investigating the wealth of Matthew Picton's other abstract works, and perhaps you too will find something to sum up how you feel.

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  1. Phil, I understand how you are feeling about the Christchurch quake. I haven't been invovled like you have but it is so hard to put emotions etc into words. thank you or sharing the art you have this week. for me who is supposed to be able to express these sorts of thing in words I have been relying on the poetic mastery of others. mainly my emotions and prayers have found expression in Bruce Springsteen's 'City of ruins' http://howard-carter.blogspot.com/2011/02/gift-of-song-our-city-of-ruins.html