22 March 2011


In order to appreciate the very grave and unfortunately, now, very current situation of nuclear fallout, I thought it may be helpful to share with you fine sympathetic people, the below mapping applet.  This 'mapplet' allows us to shift the epi-centre of a nuclear detonation to a location of our choosing - to a location that we are perhaps more familiar with, and subsequently allow us to better visualise the impact of nuclear fallout events.  Hopefully its straightforward enough to use, but as a tip; click on the location symbol on the map to get a key & click the wind 'rose' to change fallout direction). Japan, our thoughts are with you. Dōmo arigatō.

Note: this model is indicative only - it doesn't take into account weather patterns or terrain etc that would significantly influence the damage/extent at different locations and times. 'Fallout' shows the possible dispersion of radioactive isotopes after six hours of the explosion, assuming a constant gentle breeze. This model uses information found in the public domain, including: Federation of American Scientists and Wikipedia.  For more details, visit mapplet creators:  CarlosLabs

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