08 March 2011


In this special edition of Choice Map Tuesday I'm coming to you live from under the stairs of the Christchurch Earthquake Emergency Operations Centre. I flew in by air force deployment (somewhat necessary since the city is like a war zone now) and I am in the Planning and Intelligence team. Amongst other things, I am currently tasked with mapping where all the portable toilets have been delivered to (a very glamorous task indeed - well, Prince William asked to look at these maps anyway). If I have to find a silver lining amidst the chaos, the 'choice' bit would have to be that few of the many people in hi-vis vests currently running by each other will be going out into the field to do their important rescue work unless they have one of these maps, or a map of road closures or building assessments - so even though they may not be aware of it, they're digging on maps more than anyone right now. If you're interested, here is an interactive (and ongoing) map of all the earthquakes in Christchurch

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