21 June 2011


If you've ever read a travel review of a city, especially a travel review of a vibrant musical city like New Orleans, Memphis or Paris you'll know that they can get quite poetical - describing the rhythm of the city and the beat of the streets. Anyway, I'd always assumed that they were just being figurative, but then I find this video of the Netherlandic city of Eindhoven and it turns out to be awesomely literal! (even if it is a little stark and unmelodious - but perhaps that suits Eindhoven?!)


  1. great idea for a musical city... I know you are the cartographer and I am simply a Carter... but Eindhoven is in actual fact in the Netherlands... unles of course like many before you are trying to redraw the map of Europe. I also wonder how an Auckland street map would sound... congested I think.

  2. cheers Howard, a geo-faux-pas is inexusable on a mapping blog - I've changed eindhoven to where it should be. By the way, thanks for all the comments and being an avid follower - i've really appreciated it.