28 June 2011


What are the main problems with displaying all the stuff that happens in our 3D world in a flat 2D environment? Firstly, you get all sorts of geodesic projection issues, and secondly, it doesn't make you want to dance. But what if you could make a spherical screen and hang it in a large enough space where people can get funky? Well, in a world-first, Mitsubishi have created a massive 6 metre OLED (Organic Light emitting Diode) spherical screen (or a round TV to the layman)! In this photo it looks like the half-completed death-star, but fully operating its a beguiling new take on the cardboard globes that lay dormant on our desks. Check out the website or watch the YouTube video

1 comment:

  1. U2 360 eat your heart out... and of course after work it turns into a kick ass mirror ball.