22 June 2010


Ok, dont ask what inspired this week's theme...
Oxfam's poo mapping project is a simple little idea that is directly helping local people.  I like this tangible humanitarian story - maps helping people, thats what this mapping malarky is all about really.
Penguins need help too, and if you're into monitoring penguin habitats (like your hero Mogan Freeman) but you're not into actually braving the sub-zero temperatures to do it, you may want to consider remote sensing poo mapping.

And, in much lighter news... Some say these particular crop circles were created by aliens, marking good spots in the galaxy to 'touch down' others say its a hoax - but if its on google maps its worthy of inclusion here.
By the way, this has nothing to do with maps but did you know in Mexico City they have sewer divers?!  Crap-ola!!!

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